Master Gardener

DECEMBER–Thanks to our officers who kept our club running smoothly. It’s not easy and is a lot of hard work. We appreciate all you do for us.           Protect tender plants. Our winters have been warmer, but one frost will damage tomatoes, peppers and eggplant.         Tunnel gardening is easy; construction wire formed like an arch is covered with clear plastic. Keep it closed and condensation will form, and water plants. On hot days ensure it’s getting enough air and hasn’t attracted aphids; ventilate to cool things off.   In March use the tunnel to start summer seeds or set out tomato and pepper plants.   Check back of leaves of broccoli for aphids, rub out with your finger, or use your favorite bug spray.   Loopers – a thin green worm that lays by the rib of the leaf and is hard to spot – they love your cabbage.   We grow two crops a year. If you are only here in the winter, you can still have a garden.          Remember our food bank this holiday season. (Note: not only produce can be donated, but non-perishable groceries and check donations are appreciated, too. Bring donations to the Ag Club patio on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month between 8am and 1pm for delivery to the  Valley View Community Food Bank.)        Have a great Christmas.