Master Gardener

March–Cucumbers have large seeds that germinate in a few days in warm weather; they need to be well watered to grow deep roots. Armenians are a good choice and don’t get bitter in hot weather. Side dress with ammonium sulphate. Pinch ends to keep them from spreading too far.   Squash is easy to grow. Winter squash can be grown in summer; just lasts through the winter if kept in a cool place. The first flowers on the squash are male, followed by the female flowers where the fruit grows.   Less water on strawberries means fewer pill bugs munching on your berries; they like wet ground. I use plastic discs from gardener’s supply to keep plants off the ground. They work well but have some drawbacks. They are hard on the back to put in and the plants burn in summer, so they should be taken off after fruit is picked. For information, call Ron at 623-252-5188.